Timetable + Festival Map

Practical info

When: Saturday, June 10 - Sunday, June 11 17:00 – 23:00
Where: In the garden of Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 3
Free entrance during the day, paid from 19:30
Regular €10
CJP/Student/Kind/We Are Public €5
CityPass (Stadspas) €2,50


Phantom Wizard is an artist, composer and producer born and raised in Amsterdam. He creates experimental sounds exploring his personal experiences with the physical, spiritual and abstract aspects of life. Improvisation is an essential part of his practice serving as a portal into his subconscious mind. This highly personal approach to creating allows him to uncover layer after layer of his multifaceted existence.

Farzané & Hugo Lioret will bring their digital sonic dialogue in computer-assisted improvisation to life during Open Oscillator. Farzané is a musician and sound artist fascinated by the intersectionality between science, sound, and technology, exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence in relation to live electro-acoustic music improvisation. Hugo Lioret is a musical improviser who likes to use field recordings.

Ease Anaïs is a duo inspired by Japanese and New Age Environmental Ambient and creates music with analog synthesizers and melodic compositions. The result is a unique music style that colors your experience, demands your attention, but above all makes you look differently around you. With their ambient music that embraces and takes you outside, wherever you are, Ease Anaïs will enchant you.

Human Motives is an experimental electronic project by Chris van der Linden. Precise synthesized sounds are alternated with instruments and field recordings, resulting in contemplative minimalist music. Phasing motifs, cyclic patterns, floating melodies, and bursts of texture explore the human condition, such as change, hope, loss, and family dynamics.

DJ Lola weaves soft carpets of ambient and other electronic music, emphasizing mental health in her radio shows. She invites everyone to come dance or lie down.

DJ Madame #S has a background in classical music, piano, and violin, but when she discovered house music, it was love at first sound. Her indestructible connection to the genre is infectious on the dance floor.

Open Stage

The open stage ('open podium' in Dutch) of Open Oscillator is the place for experimentation. It is for experienced sound designers who want to try something new, and for undiscovered talents who have not yet left their attic.Do you want to be part of the open stage? Sign up from 17:00 and perform between 18:00 and 19:30 in order of registration (first come, first served <3).

Art installations

Amber Meulenijzer has a background in sound and visual arts and explores the tension between these fields. She creates work with theatrical, cinematic, and poetic elements by combining everyday wonder and intuition with a general curiosity about the limits and flexibility of different materials. For Open Oscillator, she has created an installation with horn speakers from old intercom systems that fits perfectly with the acoustics of the Tolhuistuin.

The Listening Project is the growing sound archive of artists Rosalie Wammes, Rosa Ronsdorf, and Roos Pollmann. They have created an installation about time with the voices of residents of Noord. In an immersive installation, you can experience a new perspective on time.


Before the festival starts, we organize workshops in which children and adults are guided to participate in a group performance on Sunday, June 11. Work with analog and digital synthesizers and create a unique sound together with others based on a graphic score.The workshops take place at De Muziekstraat (Sijsjesstraat 21B) and participation is free! Register via: info@stichtingmuziekstraat.nlBrakkie Monster Academy - Graphic Score (6+)
Wednesday, May 31 15:00 - 16:30
Wednesday, June 7 15:00 - 16:30
Brakkie Monster Academy - Graphic Score (16 - 99 years)
Wednesday, May 31 19:00 - 21:00
Wednesday, June 7 19:00 - 21:00

Open Oscillator is an electronic music festival with a focus on experiment and sound art.
OO is made possible by Stichting Muziekstraat, Amsterdam Fund for The Arts, VSB Fund, Municipality of Amsterdam, Tolhuistuin and Stichting Wijsneus.
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